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Voices of Autism (VOA) Collection

Voices of Autism
Welcome to VOA collection, showcasing a diverse and insightful array of videos created by the Voices of Autism. Explore a wide range of topics, including advocacy, employment, education, daily living, and more. Join us in promoting awareness, understanding, and empowerment within the autism community through these engaging and informative videos.

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This collection of videos is about autism and popular interests. It showcases some of the common and diverse interests that people with autism have, such as life with pets and community gaming. It also explains how these interests can benefit people with autism in terms of learning, coping, and expressing themselves. The videos aim to celebrate, educate, and support viewers.


This collection features videos that explore various aspects of autism and advocacy, such as education, research, voting, and social media and more. The videos are intended to raise awareness, provide information, and empower people with autism.


This collection features videos that show the challenges and joys of living with autism, from the perspectives of people with autism. This collection is intended to showcase community celebrations and the nitty gritty of everyday life. The videos are meant to educate, inspire, and celebrate the diversity of the autism spectrum.


This collection features videos that explore the issues and opportunities of employment for people with autism. Topics include interview preparation, being a confident member of the workforce and how to answer specific interview questions. The videos are aimed to inform, support, and empower employers, employees, and job seekers on the autism spectrum.


This collection features videos that introduce and explain some of the important subjects that students learn at school. The topics are on life skills that aren't taught. The videos are designed to help students develop their interests and explore skills they may not have learn about in school such as time management, mental health, financial planning, driving and more.


This collection features videos that highlight the human rights of people with autism and the challenges they face in accessing them. Topics in this category include transit access, disability rights and community accessibility. The videos are meant to raise awareness, promote advocacy, and foster inclusion for people with autism and their families.



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