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About Our People

From April 1, 2020 to July 31, 2023 AIDE Canada worked with over 200 different individuals and groups to create content related to autism and/or intellectual disability for the AIDE Canada website.

The content created included articles, toolkits, videos, an interactive map, webinars, and free on-line library. Many people have asked us about the diversity of our staff, partners, and contractors. Here is a snapshot of who we worked with and the diversity of our community.

All Staff, Partners, and Independent Contractors

About Us - Percentage of diverse makeup




All Full and Part Time Staff


Black, Indigenous, or Person of Colour: 37%

Gender identity female: 67%

About us all full and part time staff make-up




Leadership and Management Staff

About us Leadership and management staff



AIDE Canada remains committed to diversity. We are grateful for the cultural, racial, gender, and neurodiverse identities that make our staff, partners, and contractors such an amazing asset to our community. 

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