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Voices of Autism
This collection features videos that introduce and explain some of the important subjects that students learn at school. The topics are on life skills that aren't taught. The videos are designed to help students develop their interests and explore skills they may not have learn about in school such as time management, mental health, financial planning, driving and more.

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In this episode the hosts talk about driver’s education in high school; the motivation to drive; the basics of getting your license and the ways in which people use their driving skills.



Summer is here and school is out! What are your plans? Are you graduating? Are you planning for next year? If so, here are some common options for what to do after graduation, no matter your age.



Today the hosts are stepping into time management. This is something that many people carry into adulthood so we thought we’d discuss that today. Do you have time for this podcast? Yes! You do! See, we’re are already helping.



Have you got strategies for managing your time? What are they? Today we'll discuss some of the ones that have worked for each of us.



Today the hosts open a conversation about what essential skills that don’t get taught. The spotlight for this episode is on mental health, job hunting, taxes, and voting. What did you miss that you wish you’d learned before leaving elementary or high school?



The spotlight this week is on homework and why parents shouldn’t have to play the role of teacher. The hosts also dip into why we needed more applicable math, human rights lessons, law and Indigenous studies.



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