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Voices of Autism
This collection features videos that explore various aspects of autism and advocacy, such as education, research, voting, and social media and more. The videos are intended to raise awareness, provide information, and empower people with autism.

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This episode marks the first in a new series on advocacy. In this episode the hosts discuss types of advocacy, share their personal ideas and we try to get to the bottom of why advocacy is essential.



Today the hosts continue our discussion about advocacy and specifically, some common forms of action, what they think works and doesn’t work and they offer some personal insights.



The hosts discuss voting as a form of advocacy. Why does it matter? Does one voice really count? Spoiler alert: yes! How can we find the right information? What is early voting? Do you know where to find resources about parties and platforms? Today the hosts talk about aspects of voting and how it is essential to cast your ballot.



In this episode, the hosts discuss pros and cons of social media when it comes to advocacy and share some funny stories about clickbait. They also share the VOA’s story with social media.



This episode takes the listener into the world of advocacy and information sharing. The hosts specifically discuss school and medical supports and how information can easily get lost. They also talk about how information can be shared, who can share it on your behalf and more.



The hosts discuss the importance of autistic researchers in science today including participating, designing and implementing research studies.



This video is a part of the 2023 Voices of Autism Speaker Series, centering around the theme of ableism and its influence on advocacy. SF Walker interviewed disabled YouTuber, Erica Mones to discuss ableism, internalized ableism and how that can impact self-advocacy efforts in the disability community. Erica shares her personal experience with ableism and advocacy.



In this part of the Voices of Autism 2023 Speaker Series, SF and Kayla have the privilege of hosting Christina McDonnell, an associate professor at the University of Wyoming, to delve into the fascinating world of autism research. During our conversation, we will explore the ever-evolving landscape of autism research, discussing the latest developments, the various types of studies being conducted, identifying existing gaps in our understanding, and exploring avenues for autistic individuals to actively participate in shaping research.



In this episode of The Pulse, listeners are welcomed back to a crucial conversation about autism in the media. The podcast explores the significant impact media has on shaping societal perceptions, delving into portrayals of autism across movies, TV shows, news articles, and social media. Join the hosts as they navigate the complex intersection of autism and media, challenging stereotypes, celebrating authentic representation, and pulsating with the heartbeat of a more inclusive future. This episode invites listeners to explore the role of media in shaping perceptions of autism and advocates for a world where every story is told with accuracy and empathy.



In this episode of The Pulse, we celebrate the inspiring stories of Dr. Sarai Pahla, Mike Jung, Lauren-Rochelle Fernandez, Shain Neumeier, Dr. Angel Durr, Kieran Rose, Yenn Purkis, and Dr. Wenn Lawson, each contributing uniquely to the landscape of disability advocacy. Whether you're deeply entrenched in disability advocacy, a history enthusiast seeking unsung heroes, or simply eager to learn more about remarkable individuals shaping a more compassionate world, this episode is tailored just for you.



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