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AIDE and partners have created many toolkits, webinars and infographics covering a wide range of topics from education, to housing and beyond specifically for this territory, and have curated a list for ease of use, with links and descriptions.

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Provincial Pages: Introducing Quebec

AIDE Canada would like to present one in a series of resource packages, this one focusing on Quebec.





Scroll to the Quebec section of this toolkit to learn about the education supports and services available Quebec for students in elementary school and high school.

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This page offers a comprehensive look at the autism-related funding, services and support provided by each provincial and territorial government in Canada. Scroll to the Quebec section to find the programs available to you.


This toolkit inventories the autism-related funding, services and support provided by the provincial and territorial governments for individuals older than 18 in Quebec.


This toolkit provides an overview of financial assistance available to eligible post-secondary students through their respective provincial, territorial and/or federal government. All 13 Provinces and territories in Canada are discussed. This resource was developed in partnership with the Pacific Autism Family Network. Click to find out about the Quebec Grant and National funding options.


This clickable infographic can help you find the government college and university funding programs in your area.


This clickable infographic outlines post-secondary education supports that are available in every province and territory in Canada. You can also click to link to federal post-secondary education supports

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Government Supports


This clickable infographic lists the disability supports available for persons 18 years or older in Quebec

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Housing is important as it is where we live much of our daily life. It should be a place of enjoyment, community and safety. This Toolkit offers an overview of supported housing options for autistic individuals and/or individuals with intellectual disability, along with examples of resources in selected Canadian cities.

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Provincial organizations and individuals committed to the interests of autistic people have worked to develop helpful employment-focused resources and offer support in seeking improved employment opportunities. Some of these resources have been summarized here.

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This toolkit outlines one mother's quest for resources and activities for her son with autism at no or little cost. She outlines her strategy, and many helpful ideas are offered for finding enjoyable and educational resources.

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Your Rights


Adults living in Canada are used to making decisions about their own lives, whether it be where to live, what to eat, what to wear, or how to spend their money. Canadians understand free decision-making to be one of our basic rights. People with disabilities are no exception. Look at the table at the end of this toolkit to learn more about rules applicable in Quebec

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