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Welcome to AIDE Canada & Partners one stop shop for teens and the many transitions required of them. Here we cover everything from health, both mental and physical, to healthy relationships, and what they entail, to funding and how to plan for success!

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What do you want your adult life to look like? This QuickStart Planning Tool will Help you build a plan for success as you transition to adulthood. Developed by the Sinneave Family Foundation, this on-line course can help anyone with goal planning and life skills, but is particularly designed for use by individuals in the autism and/or intellectual disability community


This Course covers the topics of: selecting academic programs, understanding how to fully participate in work/social life on campus, and maintaining health and wellness. Autism Campus Prep was written and developed by a group of autistic post-secondary students and graduates together with The Sinneave Family Foundation.

Toolkits & Guides


This Toolkit offers information that may be particularly useful for teens who are nearing the end of high school and moving toward adulthood. It includes information, practical tips, and exercises under the following titles: “What You Need to Know: Facts about Teens Like Me,” “The Future: Education, Job Training, Employment and Housing,” “Independence & Organization: What is the Deal with Executive Functioning?” “Steps I Can Take in High School,” “Life After High School,” and “Money.” The Toolkit was written by Laura Beaune. Ms. Beaune is a social worker who has worked extensively with youth.


This Toolkit offers ideas and tips that may be useful for youth in high school. It addresses topics such as: making the most of high school, independence and organization, friendships, as well as other issues for teens such as smoking, vaping, drugs, alcohol and making good decisions. The Toolkit was written by Laura Beaune. Ms. Beaune is a social worker who has worked extensively with youth.


This Toolkit offers information that may be useful for teens. It addresses topics related to one’s physical development and health. Specific sections are titled: What is Puberty? My Body, Sexual Health, and Romantic Relationships; Personal Hygiene; Medication Management; Nutrition; Fitness; Fun; and Managing My Behavior and Relationships. The Toolkit was written by Laura Beaune. Ms. Beaune is a social worker who has worked extensively with youth

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The Toolkit addresses two key areas for teens: mental health and sensory issues. It offers a range of information including practical ideas and strategies. The Toolkit was written by Laura Beaune. Ms. Beaune is a social worker who has worked extensively with youth

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Guide for families to help transition their child from adolescence to adulthood. This guide includes information on developing health and well-being, education and employment, communication and social relationships, independent living skills and self-advocacy, and legal and financial issues. This resource also provides information on self-care for caregivers throughout the process and and a transition planning timeline. Created by the Sinneave Family Foundation.

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This is a Toolkit designed for parents of teens with neurodiversity to offer them some tips as they navigate the teen years and prepare for the next developmental stage of young adulthood. The Toolkit covers topics such as: parenting approaches and strategies; communication; puberty; sexual health and safety (gender diversity & sexual orientation); self-esteem, identity, disclosure, and advocacy; moods, depression & anxiety; friendships, fitness, recreation & community, and high school and preparing for adulthood. The Toolkit was created by Laura Beaune with input and review by several expert and stakeholder parents, experts, and teens/young adults. The Toolkit features a couple of videos by Michael McCreary and a video called Amazing Things Happen.

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This toolkit provides an overview of financial assistance available to eligible post-secondary students through their respective provincial, territorial and/or federal government. All 13 Provinces and territories in Canada are discussed. This resource was developed in partnership with the Pacific Autism Family Network.



AIDE Canada and partners have collaborated to bring you a collection introducing healthy relationships, and what it takes to create them. We discuss everything from setting boundaries and healthy communication to pronouns and gender diversity in a Neurodiverse world.


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This clickable infographic can help you find the government college and university funding programs in your area.



This clickable infographic outlines post-secondary education supports that are available in every province and territory in Canada. You can also click to link to federal post-secondary education supports.


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