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Grandparents Collection


Aging Safe and Healthy

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Get an early start on planning for your family member’s aging process. This infographic gives some ideas for consideration and places to start.

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Falls become a risk earlier for people with developmental disabilities. That is because the aging process starts as early as 40 years old. This tip sheet contains factors to consider for persons with developmental disability.

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Advance Care Planning involves developing and expressing your wishes regarding medical treatment and personal care in the case of illness or for the end of life.

Caregiver Resources

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A record of abilities is a straightforward way to document and/or illustrate a person’s functional and cognitive abilities over time. It can be helpful when working with or caring for older individuals with developmental disabilities. This infographic can help you get started using this tool.


This informative resource includes chapters discussing important things aging caregivers can consider preparing for the future regarding legal decisions, housing, support services, and employment options. Information is broken into support for caregivers and support for adult children.


Brendon Pooran of Pooran Law presents an overview of the estate planning components to consider when planning for a family member with a disability. The video covers various aspects of your estate plan including wills, trusts, taxes, social assistance, legal decision-making, and Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSPs).

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This clickable infographic lists the disability supports available for persons 18 years or older in Manitoba (Currently Unavailable)

This video begins with a dramatized true-life story of "Elaine" who receives a phone call from someone claiming to be the RCMP. She gave the caller her personal information and a day later her bank account was emptied! This video shows how to avoid scam calls plus gives good advice on saving money and building up your credit rating. 11 minutes in length with drama and interviews.

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