YVR Airport Interactive Travel Skills Training Videos

Dr. Fakhri Shafai
Have you ever wanted to visit a far-off destination, but struggled with anxiety related to air-travel? Together, Vancouver International Airport (YVR), AIDE Canada, and Pacific Autism Family Network have created some exciting new resources for the neurodiverse community!

These interactive videos teach you how to navigate the airport. They include helpful strategies that allow you to plan for challenges that may arise. You’ll help an autistic traveler check in for her flight and drop off her checked bags. Next, you will choose her responses as she goes through security and decide how she should act when things don’t go to plan. You will learn some helpful tips, such as what to expect if you set off the detector or if your bag must be searched. Then, your choices guide her as she finds her gate, boards the plane, and makes her way to her seat. Finally, you’ll go with her through Canadian Customs upon returning from her destination. This interactive tool allows you to practice your air-travel skills so that you can feel prepared and confident. Now, far-off destinations can be within your reach!


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Photo Credit : JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

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