Is it ADHD or Autism? How about both!

Autism Ontario
Exploring the similarities and differences around ADHD & Autism!

Join Asst. Clin. Professor (adj.) and therapist Alina Kislenko as she explores the links and differences between ADHD & Autism, common misdiagnoses, and what to do after you or a loved one is diagnosed. There will be much raw honesty, shared experiences, trauma exploration,ridiculous but effective strategies, and sillyness because life is better with extra Neuro-spicy sauce.

Alina will also be discussing the Pi Method, a therapeutic model invented at her counselling centre (and taught around the world) that focuses on trauma healing for ADHDers & Autistics specifically. Alina is a proud Neurodivergent person and sweary creator of the biggest ADHD page on facebook, ADHDinterrupted.



Photo Credit : Hiki App on Unsplash



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