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Consent, Capacity and Legal Decision-Making in Ontario

PooranLaw | AIDE Canada | Autism Ontario
Generally speaking, Canadian laws presume that people living with disability are capable of making their own decisions, just like everyone else. However, there are laws that limit legal decision-making for some people and in some situations. This toolkit is designed to help individuals with intellectual disability, and their family members, understand how consent and capacity laws in Canada work. Using case studies, the toolkits works through a series of questions that can help you determine whether you or a family member would be considered capable of making a specific decision. This resource was developed in partnership with Pooran Law and Autism Ontario.


Everyone has to make certain important decisions, which could be about money, health care, housing, clothing and so on. This infographic answers common questions about Consent and Capacity law in Ontario

Cover Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash 

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