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Parenting is one of life’s most rewarding challenges, and this journey can be uniquely layered for parents of autistic children. Here's a compilation of some valuable resources from the AIDE Canada Library which parents may find beneficial.

These resources are crafted to provide parents with a thoughtful approach to understanding autism and talking about it with others. Utilize these tools to navigate conversations, advocate for your child, and foster a nurturing environment.


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The decision to share any diagnosis is not always easy. It can be difficult to balance keeping your information private with the desire to be your authentic self. If you decide that you do want to share your diagnosis with your loved ones, below are some tips to help you start the conversation.


From the Library


AIDE Canada Library offers a large collection of print and digital (eBook and audiobook) resources. For each of the resources below, we have included links to all available formats.

If you would like to borrow a print copy of one of these books, you can order it through our free Canada-wide borrow-by-mail service. eBooks and audiobooks can be borrowed online – just sign into our overdrive website or the Libby reading app using your AIDE Canada Library username and password. Visit the Library website to learn more. Questions? Email us at .



Summary: "Empowering and practical, this guide is the perfect companion for parents who are finding it difficult to tell their children about their autism diagnosis. It provides a realistic yet uplifting approach to autism, treating it not as a disability but as a difference. Not telling children about their autism diagnosis can have a significant negative impact on their mental health; by equipping parents with a language of positivity around autism, the book will make a difference to many children on the spectrum. It advises on how and when to talk to autistic children with both high and low care needs and provides guidance on supporting children's relationships with peers at school, as well as how to broach the conversation with the child's siblings. Concise and easy to read, The Little Book of Autism FAQs answers parents' questions with accessible language, preparing them to approach this difficult conversation in a constructive manner."

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Summary: “Emma Kendall is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder (Asperger's Syndrome) and comes from a family with many ASD diagnosed members, including her son. She also holds a first-class degree in Autism: Special Education. Emma has written from both a personal and educational perspective. She provides simple to understand guidance, and examples of personal experiences that provide an insight into the complexities of what it means to support and parent an autistic child. Her friendly guidance and support will help you to connect and bond with your child. Offering inspiring thoughts on how to identify your child's needs and how to help your child to understand what it means to be autistic.”

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Summary: "Based on direct work with over 250 individual children, Andrew Miller wrote this book in order to provide parents and professionals with information, tools and guidance to help introduce children to autism in the absence of specialist support. This in-depth guide describes the practicalities of disclosure, including when to tell, who should do it and what they need to know beforehand with strategies to tailor your approach as every child's experience will be different. Step-by-step instructions detail how to deliver the programme and produce with a child a personalized booklet containing information about their personal attributes and their autism. These booklets and follow-up material help make disclosure a positive and constructive experience for everyone. Accompanying material can be downloaded online including questionnaires, examples of children's booklets and flexible templates."

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Summary: "A diagnosis - or a suspected diagnosis - of autism or Asperger Syndrome in a child can be overwhelming for a parent, especially if you know nothing, or very little, about either of them. Dr Luke Beardon is a well-known expert in the field, and this book is an accessible, easy-to-read introduction for those encountering autism for the first time. Gently and honestly, it guides you through the issues you might encounter, busting the myths around autism and Asperger Syndrome, and explaining what the diagnosis means for your child, for you, and for your wider family. It looks at sensory profiles, helps you handle your child's anxiety, tackles education, and answers a variety of frequently asked questions. Other topics covered by this sensitive and empowering book include how to have conversations with your child (the "autistic voice"), how to manage your child's education and - importantly - the undeniable strengths of autism. As an introduction to - and a celebration of - the intriguing, beguiling, frustrating and remarkable world of autism, this book will help you understand your child's unique value and importance in the world."

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Summary: "I am Special is a proven programme for helping children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum to understand themselves and their diagnosis, gain confidence and thrive. Peter Vermeulen describes in-depth the theory and research behind the programmed and explains how to use it in practice. He presents a series of specially designed worksheets, included as online downloadable content in a handy printable format, on a wide range of topics, including how the brain works, physical characteristics, likes and dislikes, sensory issues, strengths, and weaknesses, learning preferences, relationships, and plans for the future. When completed, the worksheets can be used to build up a unique and personal book about the individual on the autism spectrum, to help foster self-understanding and self-confidence. For the very first time, the programme presented in this second edition is suitable for use with teens and adults as well as children and contains helpful interactive material for siblings. This is a unique resource for all those involved in supporting children, teens and adults on the autism spectrum, including teachers, psychologists, counsellors as well as parents and carers."

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