Autism and Post-Secondary Supports

Aide Canada & Autism Nova Scotia
This webinar will explore different services and supports available to Autistic students, including what accessibility services and accommodations may look like, as well as Canada-wide grants. In addition, we will touch on research-driven foundational skills that are shown to generalize to success in post-secondary environments.





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Abby Lowry- Post Secondary Autism Support Manager

Originally from Ontario, moved to NS 11 years ago for school and never went back. Attended StFX for Forensic psychology, then NSCC for their Behavioural Intervention Advanced Diploma. Previously worked for Kings Regional Rehabilitation Centre in the Waterville as part of the clinical team, at which time I thought working full time, adopting two stray cats, and completing a Master’s program at the same time was a great idea. Upon completion and successfully writing my board exams, I moved to Halifax and took a job with Autism NS a year and a half ago, overseeing their Post-Secondary Autism Support Services (PASS) program, which supports autistic student in accomplishing their academic -adjacent goals


Kathleen Watson- Program Director for Autism Nova Scotia

Kathleen Watson (she/her) is the Program Director at Autism Nova Scotia. In her roll she supports many of the organizations programming including recreation, respite, family support, post-secondary autism support services, pinwheel wellness, independent living support program and more. She loves what she does for work and in her free time enjoys spending time with her girlfriend, her family, and watching birds at the brook near her apartment.



Photo Credit : Yan Krukau on Pexels



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