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Most autistic people do not have an intellectual disability, but about 30% do. Understanding the feelings and thoughts of people with an intellectual disability is very important if we want the National Autism Strategy to help everyone in the autism community.

AIDE Canada and PHAC created the ID Inclusion Project to make it easier for people with intellectual disability to share their feelings and thoughts for the National Autism Strategy.

You can participate in the project by submitting art for the Autism and ID Art Showcase here.

The other parts of the project are:

A set of easy to access infographics and videos that help everyone understand “What is a National Autism Strategy?” and how they can help. See the full suite of videos and infographics click HERE.

A national art showcase for individuals who are both autistic and who have an intellectual disability. For details on the Autism and ID Art Showcase click HERE.

A set of commissioned artistic works created by individuals with profound support needs. The artist have received one on-one support to help them understand what the National Autism Strategy is, and to understand ideas like diversity, and inclusion. Three artist with profound support needs are creating artwork that expresses what they want others to know. The completed works will be shared with the community and with the developers of the National Autism Strategy.

Not everyone is an artist. That’s why the final part of the AIDE Canada ID Inclusion project is about collecting stories. AIDE Canada staff will meet with individuals with intellectual disability from across the country to help them share their thoughts and feelings. Each interview is designed around the community member’s individual needs. The collection of stories that community members’ experiences will be shared with the developers of the National Autism Strategy.

We are thrilled that the AIDE Canada ID Inclusion Project will help community members with intellectual disability and those with profound support needs to be included in the development of the National Autism Strategy

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