Hub Networks

 AIDE Canada is an initiative built around an online platform offering information and support to the autism and/or intellectual disability community, including self-advocates, family members, people with lived experience, caregivers and service providers. Regardless of a person’s location, AIDE Canada aims to connect Canadians nationwide to credible, reliable, and evidence-informed resources that are geared specifically towards the autism and/or intellectual disability community. That is why we created the hub network, to ensure that the information we provide is relevant to people living in all of the different regions of Canada. 

AIDE has teamed up with local providers across Canada and set up regional hubs where our community members can connect and get resources, support, and information in person. This Hub-to-Hub network will support sharing of best practices and innovations from coast to coast to coast, as well as make personal connections with others from across the country who have a common experience. 

As part of the AIDE Canada initiative, six regional hubs have been established across Canada to complement the online platform with direct, person-to-person services and resources. The six hubs are hosted by:

  • Miriam Foundation (Quebec) 
  • Autism Calgary Association
  • Autism Ontario
  • Autism Nova Scotia
  • Autism Yukon
  • Pacific Autism Family Network (BC) 

Some of the work that the Hubs contribute to includes: 

  • Ensuring all our  materials are available in both French and English
  • Developing and vetting lists of local programs and resources, found in the "Locate" section of our webpage
  • Creating locally relevant content that speaks to the needs of community members living in different regions across Canada
  • Assisting people who reach out to AIDE to find the resources they need, either in person or through the live chat feature on our website
  • Hosting local events and in-person meetings across Canada 



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