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Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have a new network of resources geared specifically towards them and their families with the launch today of the Hub-to-Hub Network.

Coordinated through the Autism and Intellectual Disabilities Knowledge Exchange Network (AIDE Canada), the Hub-to-Hub Network will build on resources and emerging practices throughout the country so that all Canadians affected by ASD and intellectual or developmental disabilities may benefit in real life, and in person when needed.

 AIDE Canada is an initiative built around an online platform offering information and support to neuro-intellectually diverse individuals and their families and caregivers. Regardless of a person’s location, AIDE Canada aims to connect Canadians nationwide to credible, reliable, and evidence-informed resources that are geared specifically towards individuals with intellecutal disabilities (ID) and their families.

 AIDE is also teaming up with local providers across Canada to set up regional hubs where individuals with ASD/ID and their families can connect and get resources, support, and information in person. This Hub-to-Hub network will support sharing of best practices and innovations from coast to coast to coast, as well as make personal connections with others from across the country who have a common experience. 

 As part of the AIDE Canada initiative, six regional hubs have been established across Canada to complement the online platform with direct, person-to-person services and resources. These physical spaces will be staffed with experts equipped to assist families and caregivers in accessing AIDE Canada and other ASD/ID information and resources.

 The six hubs will be hosted by the following organizations:

  • Miriam Foundation
  • Autism Calgary Association
  • Autism Ontario
  • Autism Nova Scotia
  • Autism Yukon
  • Pacific Autism Family Network


About AIDE Canada

AIDE Canada is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada and administered by the Pacific Autism Family Centre Foundation. The AIDE Canada network mobilizes current research, literature, and practical tools to support individuals with ASD/ID, and delivers this information in an unbiased and accessible way. Neuro-intellectually diverse people and their families are also an integral part of this network. Our aim is to inform stakeholders from across Canada, and to break down myths and other misinformation regarding Autism and ID.

AIDE Canada is about connecting people to information, and resources when they are most needed. We’re extremely proud to announce this initiative today.  We know it will help make life a little better for people in our community, including people with ASD/ID, their families and those who provide professional supports.

–Joanna Nefs, CEO, AIDE Canada

 Everyone experiencing ASD has unique experiences, knowledge, and questions. The creation of a Hub-to-Hub network, in conjunction with the online platform created by AIDE Canada, will help PAFN provided an even greater level of service to the people of British Columbia.

–Sergio Cocchia O.B.C. LLD(Hon)  Board Chair, Pacific Autism Family Network

 By creating a pan-Canadian network, AIDE Canada has made sure that families living in Calgary and across the Prairies will be supported in finding information and resources that will be helpful to them and their loved ones.

–Lyndon Parakin, Executive Director, Autism Calgary

 Together with five Ontario partner organizations we are pleased to be part of a nation-wide initiative that offers accessible information on diverse experiences, resources and research that benefits the ASD and NDD community, along with a shared desire to improve outcomes for individuals and families in Ontario, regardless of where they live.

–Margaret Spoelstra, Executive Director, Autism Ontario

 We are proud to be a Founding partner of this initiative with PAFN and the collaboration between our Foundation and AIDE Canada will profoundly improve the information and resources available to individuals and their families living with ASD and intellectual disabilities in Canada and Quebec.

–Warren Greenstone, President and CEO, Fondation Miriam Foundation

 The connections that AIDE Canada is making, enhances access to reliable information and improves the resources available to Nova Scotians. This partnership will support us in building community  understanding, acceptance, and inclusion of families and individuals on the Autism Spectrum across the province.

–Cynthia Carroll, Executive Director, Autism Nova Scotia.

In the Yukon and across the north, isolation is always an issue. The AIDE Canada online platform will bring us closer to the larger Canadian community of individuals living with ASD and their families, and will allow us to provide a comparable level of service right here in our own backyard.

–Leslie Peters, Executive Director, Autism Yukon



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