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Peer Advice Videos are questions asked and answered by self-advocates across Canada. This project was created and developed by Canadian self-advocates from the autism community.

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How do I support meaningful communication in my child's journey to independence?

Is early intervention important?

If I know my child is Autistic, do I really need a formal diagnosis? Do they need it?

As parents, how do we deal with feeling that we are failing our children?

I am so overwhelmed and exhausted; What can I do to keep going?

What is respite? Do I need it?

What challenges may we face as a family, and how can I support my child in the challenges they may encounter?

How can I help my Autistic child be authentic to themselves and take part in the world around them?

How do I deal with challenging or unexpected public interactions when out with my child?

Will my child ever be independent? What can I do now to help my child build independence?

Should I be worried if my child doesn't want or have any friends?

How do I explain and support the body changes through puberty?

How do I help my child find interests, an area of study, or a career path?

How can I know if I am supporting my child or expecting too much?

How can I know when or if we should leave our current school?

Will my child ever be able to self-regulate or find good coping strategies? How do I support this?

What sort of therapy should we do? How do we decide?

How do I support and advocate for my child in the medical model while maintaining our culture and values?

How do I set priorities when choosing therapy or interventions for my child?

Once we have an autism diagnosis, how do we decide what to do next?

How can I respond when someone doesn't believe my child is Autistic?

Should I disclose my child's diagnosis when meeting new people or registering for camps or groups?

If and how can I explain my child's diagnosis to friends and relatives?

When and how do I tell my child they are Autistic?

How do I decide what kind of schooling to do with my child?

What can I do if I don’t know how to prepare my meals?

How can I keep my home clean?

Do I have to disclose my diagnosis to my friends?

How can I communicate to someone that I’m interested in them?

What can I do when someone says, “you don’t look autistic”?

How can I deal with someone who treats me differently after I disclose my diagnosis?

How can I thank a friend for inviting me over?

I just received my diagnosis, what is my next step?

Where can I go to find information about autism spectrum disorders and/or intellectual disabilities?

How can I deal with internal guilt when I say no?

How do I turn down a hug?

What is consent?

Is it okay to leave a mandatory social event? How?

How can I access higher education?

How can I pay for post-secondary education?

How can I make connections with my classmates?

Should I disclose my diagnosis to my classmates?

How do I know if I am too sick to go to school?

Can I choose my own career or job preferences?

What is expected of me as an employee?

What should I wear to a job interview?

What if I don’t like my co-workers?

What can I do to make connections at work?

How can I befriend a co-worker?

Do I have to disclose my diagnosis to my boss and co-workers?

How can I show someone that I’m romantically interested in them?

How can I ask for accommodations at work?

How do I know if I am too sick to go to work?

What should I do if I feel like I am being bullied or harrassed at work?

Should I have a bank account?

I can afford to pay rent, should I move out?

How do I set a budget?

How do I know if I’m ready to move out of home?

How can I plan for moving out?

Can I get support in higher education settings?

What can I do if I feel someone is bullying me?

What can I do if I’m interested in someone who is already taken?

How do I know if someone is romantically interested in me?

What if I have to move to another province for a job?

What can I do if I have to spend time with someone I don’t like?

What can I do if I have a fight with my roommate?

How can I make friends and social connections?

Will I be able to have kids?

Where can I meet someone with similar interests to me?

What is clearly romantic? (Valentines day, one on one, weekend evening, dinner…)

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