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What is AIDE Canada?

The Autism and/or Intellectual Disability Knowledge Exchange Network (AIDE Canada) is a national knowledge network that is committed to providing accurate up-to-date, and useful information and resources to the people who need it. AIDE Canada offers information, tools, and resources about autism and intellectual disabilities across the lifespan. Our website is curated with the help of a team of researchers and persons with lived experience to make sure it's accurate, useful, and helpful to you and your loved ones.



AIDE Canada has engaged experts from across Canada to feature up-to-date information on autism and/or intellectual disability. The information is reviewed and presented in a way that is easy to understand for individuals and families.



People in the autism and/or intellectual disability community all have unique experiences, knowledge, and questions. AIDE Canada is a way to connect people, information, and resources to each other when it’s needed most.



The road to well-being can be rocky and challenging – AIDE Canada aims to be a safe and trusted space for those seeking information, support, and resources to support them and their families on this journey. AIDE Canada is a space for learning, sharing, and dialogue.



Canada is a vast country, with a wide array of regions, cultures, languages, and people. AIDE Canada aims to be a pan-Canadian knowledge hub, so that anyone accessing information from coast to coast to coast are supported in finding information and resources that will be helpful.

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Community conversation is at the heart of everything we do, and everything we want to be. We would love for you to read about the past surveys and focus groups that informed everything we have created on this site. Our 2020 Community Consultation Report is available here. But we never want to stop listening and responding to our community.

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